Published articles

publishArticle topics range from loss prevention and retailing financials to shopper insights and are tailored to your needs in terms of length, audience and graphics. Some examples are:

  • Retail Association of Nevada, Nevada News, The Recession’s Tremors Are Felt Widely, Aug 2009
  • Retailers Association of Massachusetts, The Retail Review, Recession and Inflationary Pressures Cause Difficult Year for Retailers, May2009
  • American Marketing Association, What to Do When Times Are Tough, Feb 2009
  • Wisconsin Grocers Association, Wisconsin Grocer, New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Shrink, Dec 2008
  • Arizona Food Industry Journal, New Year’s Resolution: Reduce Shrink, Dec 2008
  • Loss Prevention Magazine, Economic Pressures Directly Linked to Increase in Theft, Nov 2008
  • US Agricultural Trade Office Japan (ATO), U.S. Grocery shopper Trends, Aug 2008
  • Carolinas Food Industry Council, Express Line, The Almighty…Penny and a Half, Oct 2006

Contributing Editor
FMS Solutions, Smart Decisions, 2008-2010 (bi-monthly)
Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert, Facts, Figures & The Future, 2008-2010 (monthly)
Food Marketing Institute, IO Edge, 2006-2009 (monthly)
Food Marketing Institute, Advantage Magazine, 2004 (bi-monthly)